Bridge in Portland taken on a trip in 2017

Top 5 Budget Friendly Places You Have to Eat in Portland, Oregon!

This is the second in what might be a few posting on our adventure to Portland. Previous to this you can see our post on family friendly adventures. This will be about all the places we recommend you eat. Next, I plan on writing our adventure, the fun stories and pictures from our trip. Who doesn't like food? It seems like it would be a boring life to live. I love to try new foods, MadMan likes to call me a foodie, I just say I like to try new things, food included. For that reason, Portland was awesome. We tried some local, some western chains (some chain stores we'd never heard of before), and some other. We've listed the one's we've tried, the good ones. If we go back When we go back, we will add to this list, maybe even with some date night budget places.