Get to know us!

Hi there! You found us! Awesome.

We are MadLady and MadMan. We’re 20 something travel lovers living in the South (in the US.) We love to travel and that’s why we began this site separate from our original One Mad Life site.

If you like travel stories, advice, tips, and bad jokes, we got you. It you like to know what tech and products work and what don’t, we got you there too. If you like vizslas, welcome friend. (We also have a cat, but she isn’t on here as much.)

MadLady & MadMan in grass
Surprise! We plan on taking off the masks by May of 2019!


We started One Mad Life in May of 2018 with the idea that we would write about what we are passionate about. Travel, minimalism, frugality, financial independence, and mindful thinking. Then we realized that travel just had so much more. In January of 2018, One Mad Adventure was born.

Who are MadLady and ManMan?

Dreaming, altruistic, unorthodox, and nerdy millennials in search of a life different from those that came before us. We live in an apartment in Atlanta with out two fur babies. We go to college, we work all day, and we try to have fun.

MadLady & MadMan Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon (look, shadows from the sun!)

We try to do a trip every season, when we get our way, it’ll be every month!

10 Fun Facts About Us:

  1. We met July of 2014, Got Engaged August of 2017, and will get married May of 2018!
  2. We took our future into our hands in 2017. We plan to hit all our goals by 2027.
  3. We’re both in college while working full time.
  4. We have no small humans, just a cat and a dog.
  5. We’re obsessed with the Great Outdoors and want an organic event farm.
  6. We want to travel the world one day exploring new cities every season or month.
  7. We live in Atlanta.
  8. We never eat fast food and home cook almost every meal.
  9. Some people say we want to do too much, others call us ambitious and eclectic.
  10. MadLady is the creator and voice of the blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Why MadMan & MadLady?

In short, when we began One Mad Life, MadMan was in a position in his job where we weren’t sure if they would approve of his name attached to a sire about early retirement. While that’s a whole different can of worms, in short, we figured it safer for us to wear “masks” when writing so that if we switched career early retirement wouldn’t pop up if our employers searched for us.

Yet, that’s all going to change. By May of 2019, MadLady will be working remote or on her own (it’s looking up!) and MadMan will be in a position where his name being attached to this will not be a problem. We hate writing like this, it would be much easier to just use our faces and names (I’m lazy, I don’t like photo shopping every selfie.)

Stay Tuned.

What about MadDogge?

Portrait of MadDogge
Lookout Ladies, MadDogge is almost 2!

Our little celebrity dog. Who would have thought he would get a job with better benefits than me! He’s a vizsla, a hunting dog, specifically for birds.

He does field trials, works as a brand ambassador, and tests dog travel equipment and toys so we know which ones stand the test of time (and his destructive mouth.)

He goes everywhere with us and loves toys more than any dog you’ve ever seen.

In short…

We love to travel, we want other to travel too. This site will be everything about traveling. From traveling alone, to traveling in a family. It will be semi-chronological with our lives. You’ll be reading as we learn and try new things.

Thanks for checking us out!

MadMan & MadLady