A Story About Snowboarding (& Tips)

It turns out I am not half bad at snowboarding and neither is MadMan. Last year, we traveled to the mountains and went snowboarding. I almost broke my knee, lost my sunglasses, and had so much fun. MadMan almost broke his tail bone and also enjoined himself immensely. So maybe that was a lie… we both suck.

The Experience

One Mad Life on a ski lift

It was a wonderfully sunny day, a few clouds in the sky, and about 55 degrees. Definitely not skiing weather. Never the less, we went anyway. After all, it was what we traveled there to do. When we got there, we had to decide between snowboarding and skiing. We both had scooby-doo images of getting our skis all tangled… we went with snowboarding.

First there were lessons then there was fun. For note, MadMan’s rump was very sore by the end of the lessons. Mine was just fine, though by the end of the day my knee would be down for the count. This photo was taken on our first ride to the top of the hill. MadMan did everything in his power to keep me from looking down and freaking out. Good to know: you can jump out of those, fall out of them, and slip. You aren’t really attached to anything when you ride. Talk about scary. Our rides were mostly successful for the first few hours, though neither of us could really stop right. Then the sun began melting the snow and refreezing it into ice. That’s when things got slippery.

The Fall

MadLady Snowboarding Injury

We were really getting the hang of the whole snowboarding ordeal when we went over a slick patch of ice. If you’ve ever done this you know the panic I felt. Suddenly there was no traction and I hoped to make it across this 15 foot section of ice before I fell. Luckily both MadMan and I made it across the patch without issue. Que about an hour later…

We accidentally went back into the ice, which by this point was half the hill. We both went down, MadMan bounced about 4 times on his rump while I went down in a twisted mass messing up me knee. We spent the next hour in the clinic and then pizza was eaten and beer was drank. Next time, we won’t go anymore once the ice is melting.

The Rest

The rest of the trip was very short as we only came up for one whole day. We explored the city (nothing to note), ate more food, and watched TV. It was cold, and the town was to small to get into much. Maybe next time we’ll pick a resort.

Good Tips

If you are a first timer about to go snowboarding here are my tips:

  1. Sunscreen is a must: I know it’s cold, and it may even be cloudy, but please wear sun screen. You will get burned if you don’t.
  2. Sun Glasses: Rent them, bring them, buy them. It doesn’t matter. The snow is reflective and will hurt your eyes over time.
  3. Body Protection: Advice offered by a friend. Buy knee pads, elbow pads, and a pair of biking bottoms from your local goodwill. Wear these under your suit.
  4. Gloves: Our place didn’t offer gloves with the rental, I brought my own. If your place is the same, you should get some to wear. The ice gets cold.
  5. Take the lessons: Nothing is wrong with a learning session. I advice taking it even if you’ve been before.

The Most Important Things

MadMan on snowboard

Don’t forget to have fun:
If you’re like me, you can forget to have fun because you get stressed. Be like MadMan. He always remembers to have fun.

It might be scary, but remember to have fun. Go for it and try something new. As long as your safe, you’re only missing out by not doing it.

Talk to a doctor: 
I am not a doctor. If you think this might be bad for your health, talk to one first.

Have you ever been snowboarding or skiing?

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