A Truly Romantic Honeymoon on a Small Budget

When we were planning our honeymoon, we looked up budget honeymoon locations. We kept getting “under $5000 honeymoons”, not exactly what I would call a budget. That’s why I made this, more idea generator, less exact list of places to go.

These are general ideas, made to get you thinking about how and what you could do to make a romantic getaway on a budget. I have no exact numbers or sites, just ideas and past experiences to draw from. Read through each idea, think if it could work for you and how you could make it happen.

Local Beach / Mountains

MadDogge as a puppers on the beach
You could even bring your pet!

If you live close to a beach or mountains, this might be your perfect honeymoon. You can rent out an entire Airbnb for cheaper than you can take a trip to a luxury location. You could make it even better by bringing bubble bath, a steak, and some movies. You can walk on the beach at night, go out to a nice dinner, and get a spa treatment.

If you don’t live within driving distance to one of these places, what about your own local wonders? Plains, deserts, or lakes are an option for a budget honeymoon. The best part about these, is that unlike resort, you will be totally alone. You might not have your bed turned down each night, but you can sleep in as late as you want without putting the sign up.

Trip to the City

Do you have a favorite city within driving distance? For us, it could be Atlanta, Athens or Chattanooga. You can rent an Airbnb (see a budget theme here?) and see all the sites. Walk to a local movie theater or see a ballet. Go shopping or to a museum. Bike a trail through the city or walk around town.

Just like the mountains or the beach, you can make it as complex or as simple as you want. If you want to find a deal, use Groupon and go to the places tourists don’t all the time. Some local hotels have free upgrades for a couple that can prove they just got married.

Travel Agent

You might think that going to one of your local spots if boring, so a travel agent might be able to help you. These free agents can help you plan a trip in your budget. They can help you pick a location or tell you the best places to go. Don’t let these people sell you into something you can’t afford though. Go in knowing the top you are willing to pay. Keep in mind the food and other things that you will still need to pay when you get there.

Train Ride > Plane

If you want to save money, take a train. If you are lucky, you will see some wonderful countryside and you could even take an overnight to save time. Sleep on the way and wake up to a new city! It saves money, thought it does take longer. That I know of, you can take a train from Atlanta to New Orleans, all over New York State, and all the way down the West Coast. So Many Options! These options can help you find that city, beach or mountain to take your honeymoon in!

All Inclusive

MadMan & MadLady Snowboarding
From Skiing to Beaches, all inclusive resorts are everywhere!

If you have a decent sized budget (still nothing to large) you can look for an all inclusive. If there is one at a local beach you might be able to drive to a place where all your meals, drinks, and sleeping is covered. If you go to the right place, you might get some extra benefits or free activities. You might not be able to take too many excursions but you will still be able to have some fun. You can use a travel agent to find these with the budget you have.

Mind you, any of these ideas can be as cheap as you like or as lavish as you desire. Stay for a few days and go all out or disappear for a week and barely leave the room. Remember, even if you can’t afford the best thing ever right now, you have years left together. Save up for a 5 year or even 1 year trip. You’ll have time to take another vacation, just go somewhere and enjoy your time with your new spouse, amke new memories.


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