Top 5 Budget Friendly Places You Have to Eat in Portland, Oregon!

This is the second in what might be a few posting on our adventure to Portland. Previous to this you can see our post on family friendly adventures. This will be about all the places we recommend you eat. Next, I plan on writing our adventure, the fun stories and pictures from our trip.

Who doesn’t like food? It seems like it would be a boring life to live. I love to try new foods, MadMan likes to call me a foodie, I just say I like to try new things, food included. For that reason, Portland was awesome. We tried some local, some western chains (some chain stores we’d never heard of before), and some other. We’ve listed the one’s we’ve tried, the good ones. If we go back When we go back, we will add to this list, maybe even with some date night budget places.

1. Gladstone Street Pub & Pizza

When we went to Portland we went to Trader Joe’s for most of our food and cooked in our AirBnB to save money. One day, after some bad hail, we went to this place, close to where we were staying. It’s one of the few true local places we went (and could afford) at the time.

We went once for the pizza at dinner and once for pub food another day at lunch. I will say, we did not feel welcome when we went for lunch, though it seemed to be a pure local spot and we were eating lunch at 9 am (we never got off eastern time) so I can see why we got so many strange looks. Overall, a great place for food.

2. Blue Star Donuts vs. Voodoo Donuts

A donut from Voodoo Donuts - 2017
My favorite, from Voodoo Donuts

MadMan loves cake type donuts. We visited both of the “popular” donuts places that all the travel sties said you needed to. Personally, I preferred Voodoo Donuts due to the prices and flavors that I liked. MadMan preferred Blue Star Donuts because they had a good texture and more interesting flavors than candy on a donuts (not that I see anything wrong with that.)

We went for two separate breakfasts and we got the Eminem and the Oreo at Voodoo Donuts and the Maple Bacon and Caramel Pretzel Chocolate at Blue Star Donuts. If you go on a budget, I would advise splitting a donut at Blue Star (that are a bit overpriced for my taste) but the donuts at Voodoo are so cheap so you easily get two.

3. Rock Bottom Brewery

Sun in Portland Oregon
Quick spot of sun on our way to Rock Bottom.

It was a long day that lead us here but in the end, it was worth it. We had tried to go to a few places but the lines were long and we were starving. When we got here, they sat us down right off the bat and got us food. Exactly what we needed after walking over 6 miles in one afternoon.

I had basic chicken and MadMan had a local burger, pretty simple menu. We both had drinks and his was from the brewery up stairs and mine was a fancy drink. After this we walked to the midnight market and promptly walked home. While we are outgoing, it was just a bit too crowded. There was absolutely no room to walk or even shift, it was more of a peddle along with the crowd.

4. Life of Pie Pizza

Pizza is cheap, we ate a good amount of it. This is another place we stopped in and got a slice (or in this case, a small pizza for us). Good pizza, though we were in a hurry so we didn’t stick around and eat there. It was actually sunny when we ate so we just grabbed some pizza and walked. I was good, though not “American.” It is more simple with less smothering all over it.

5. Food Trucks

There are food trucks all over Portland. While we didn’t eat at many (only one) they all smelled (for the most part) wonderful. The prices all looked reasonable and they looked safe and clean (nothing is worse than food sickness while walking around town.) There are many themes and kinds to choose from, though it may be said that they tend to go away from typical american food for the most part. They seemed to be oriental or Latin in nature with few and far between being more burgers and fries.

Bonus: The Saturday Market

Bridge in Portland taken on a trip in 2017
Guess you can’t always have sun in Portland. Still though, a wonderful town.

This place is more of buy food to cook and less buy food to eat, but they do have food you can eat there for a meal. The biggest thing I would say is avoid the vendors if you really aren’t interested. While 99% of them seemed to be happy with us just gazing, there was one or two that were sales-man style to the point to be rude, not accepting that we didn’t want anything and were traveling by plane anyway.

There is also music and taste testing when you go, though I would advise going early, as they wind down before a regular lunch. If you aren’t near by, the MAX dropped you right off in the middle of it all and there seemed to be a few places to eat nearby if nothing suits your fancy at the market.

What did you eat at during your trip to Portland?

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